Wordspionage Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are push notifications? Why Should I have them on?

A: Push notifications allow the Wordspionage app to notify you when it is your turn in an active game and when you have a new incoming challenge. It is highly recommended that you have push notifications on to avoid losing games due to not making a turn within the time limit and to accept or decline new challenges before they expire.

Android Users - You can turn notifications on or off at any time in the app by going to Settings in the dropdown menu.

iOS Users - If you want to turn notifications off (this is not recommended) you may do so in the app by going to Settings in the dropdown menu. If you initially declined notifications and want to turn them on you need to uninstall the app, set your clock forward 1 month, reboot the device, reinstall the app, and accept notifications when logging in. Apple's instructions for this can be found here.

Q: When I send a new challenge, does my opponent get notified?

A: Yes, your opponent receives a push notification about your challenge if they have their push notification turned on. They will get a reminder push notification about your challenge every 24 hours until they respond or the challenge expires after 3 days.

Q: How many games am I allowed to play simultaneously?

A: You can play up to 30 games simultaneously. Pending games - challenges you sent that have not been accepted or declined - count toward the 30 maximum simultaneous games allowed.

Q: Am I required to play Special Operations, use WS$, or buy more WS$?

A: No, you are not required to play Special Operations, use WS$, or buy more WS$. But Special Operations are a big part of what makes Wordspionage more unique and fun than other crossword-style word games, and they can help you win.

Q: How do I earn Skill Points?

A: Each time you win a game, you earn Skill Points. (You do not lose Skill Points for losing a game.) The number of Skill Points earned is determined by the Player Level of your opponent. If you win against more than one opponent, the Skill Points you earn is determined by the opponent at the highest Player Level.

Q: What do Player Levels mean?

A: All players start at the Recruit level. As you win games and earn Skill Points, you move up the ranks (Level 1 Operative, Level 2 Operative, etc.) until you reach the Special Agent level. You can see the chart of Player Levels and corresponding Skill Points on the How To Play page. We are working on fun ways to recognize and reward players, and Player Levels will be taken into account in some way.

Q: How can I invite my Facebook friends to play Wordspionage with me?

A: When you start a New Game, select Add Opponents and then Facebook Friends. Your Facebook friends that are playing Wordspionage will have the WS logo on the right side of their name. When you select their name, you will see their Player Profile and can add them to the game.

If you want to send a game invitation to Facebook friends that do not play Wordspionage (or they have not logged into Wordspionage using their Facebook account), select their name to post an invitation on their Facebook wall. (There is a one-time log-in process.) Your post will be a link for your friend to download Wordspionage for free from iTunes or Google Play.

Q: I upgraded to the paid version of Wordspionage from the free version, but I still see ads. What should I do?

A: Thank you for upgrading! The paid version of Wordspionage is a completely separate app from the free version, so you now have two versions of Wordspionage on your device. Uninstall Wordspionage FREE to make sure you do not accidentally use it and see ads. If you log into the paid version the same way you did with the free version (same code name, password, Facebook account, etc.), your current Player Profile and all of your current and pending games will be downloaded (as well as some recently completed games, if any).

Q: I want to have a word added to the Wordspionage dictionary. How can I request that?

A: Easy! Just go to our feedback forum and submit the word you want added to the Wordspionage dictionary. If the word can be confirmed as a real word, then it will be added to the Wordspionage dictionary. If it cannot be confirmed as a real word, then we will provide an explanation of why it will not be added to the Wordspionage dictionary.

Q: I have suggestions for Wordspionage and other questions. How can I contact Wordspionage Headquarters?

A: If you have general suggestions for Wordspionage, such as a new feature you would like added, go to our feedback forum. If someone else already posted about the suggestion you have, add your vote to it. If not, create a new post.

If you have other questions or need technical support, email us at support@wordspionage.com.